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Hello :)

Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm a self-taught photographer whose primary goal is
to help people fall in love with themselves in the context
of the communal world we inhabit. 

I'm an aspiring vegetarian, introspective creative and night owl. I'm a huge fan of chocolate, caffeine, corduroy, contractions, alliteration, writing poems in lowercase letters, the simple smiley face emoji and things that remind me of my humanity.

I find refuge in run-on sentences, nuance, and self-care rituals.
Reading was my first love, and the thrift store is my safe haven.
I find life in safe spaces and causes for celebration.

I believe photography is an organic extension of the storytelling process, and that everyone should learn how to wield a camera in the face of a decisive moment.

I love the camera because through it, I discovered the ability to archive moments using my mind, my eye, my fingertips, and good glass. 

I sincerely believe there's never a wrong time to document/celebrate/inhabit
the life stage in which you find yourself.
Revel in the nuances. Savor the simple things. 

I count the opportunity to capture love and life as a privilege.

Seeing people shine, at their truest, in safe spaces is a gift.
Helping folks see themselves in all their essence and glory...
well, that's pure joy.

I'm Vince.
I create jointly with people to chronicle moments
and bolster connections that enrich posterity.

I'd love to meet you :)

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