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I wanted to treat myself to a photo session for my birthday. Little did I know that I was going to get so much more. For starters, Vincent is such a pleasure -- he was so helpful in getting me prepared, patient with my concerns/fears, and completely able to make sure I would be comfortable and relaxed. After a few pointers and a few laughs, I found myself just open to the process, and I'm sure that was in large part to his fun personality and ease. 

On the day of the shoot, I was amazed at how many options/creative backgrounds/poses he was able to incorporate in such a short amount of time; I could definitely see his mind working, but he was able to make things flow and feel natural. I loved how he had me interact with my surroundings and found beauty in the simple things. He's definitely an artist, and that shows up in his photography. Plus, I was so happy that he wasn't closed to explore a few of my own suggestions as well. I had a few shots I knew I wanted to do, and he was very open and willing, often taking my small vision a step further.

When I finally saw the pix -- and the quick turn around was amazing -- I was so moved that I had tears! I truly did not expect that. It was like seeing myself for the first time. Vincent has a gift, an eye to capture beauty that transforms and inspires -- and that was true for me and those who saw the results. I got so many positive comments, which was absolutely great. But I was shocked, pleased, grateful having had the experience and, most of all, proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone to achieve some fantastic shots.

I completely recommend this experience for ANYONE -- especially those who need a little treat/fun for a wonderful occasion like a birthday. I definitely encourage my friends to do this at least once. You DO NOT have to wait for wedding or any other specific occasion to enjoy and capture YOU. And beyond that, I completely and wholeheartedly recommend that this experience happen with Mr. Vincent Hunter. I believe a photo session w/ anyone can do what its supposed to do: capture your image on film. But he work is therapeutic. He is amazing, and he will make sure you feel that way too.

- Tiffany

"It was a pleasure working with Vincent. He is definitely passionate about photography and he brings that excitement and creativity to the shoot. I enjoyed taking my head shots with him and the photos speak for themselves. He made me feel comfortable and is very professional. I think everyone should do a photo shoot at some point during their adult years and I would definitely recommend those in my network to Vincent for that opportunity."

- Brandi

As a magazine designer I've had the good fortune to work with hundreds of freelance photographers over the years. When you work with a new photographer, no matter how good his past work, you're never sure what you'll get from an assignment. Vincent Hunter is one of those rare photographers who delivered even more than I hoped for: technically excellent photographs and, more important, an ability to capture the images that speak volumes about the person being photographed.

- Carol Bucheri,
   Phi Delta Kappan

I had a great experience working with Vince! As a consultant for nonprofits, my image and integrity are particularly important to me. Throughout the shoot, Vince gave clear directions which resulted in powerful shots that convey the message I want my clients to get. I highly recommend Vince. He’s encouraging, creative, professional, and versatile, which works well for a fun and creative shoot, or professional shots for a business.

- Andrena Sawyer,
P.E.R.K. Consulting

Vincent is excellent. He took great photographs of our organization [Christ House] that we've been excited to use in our communications.
He is also easy to work with, as he has a positive attitude and is willing to work with you to get the exact shots that you want. We loved his work!

-Joanna Lee,
 Christ House

Vincent did a great job of making me and my fiance feel comfortable. He met with us beforehand and really took the time to get to know us, and it shows in our photographs! He captured the spirit of fun and nerdiness that we wanted to get across, and he made us look good while he did it.
I'd highly recommend him!

- Amanda

I was extremely meticulous in finding a photographer, when I came across Vincent I right away caught on to his artistic approach, appreciation for photography and most importantly an eye for capturing emotion… oh and not to mention he loves what he does! My experience with Vincent has been unmatched; working with him was an absolute pleasure. Vincent captured some yoga classes for us and the outcome was amazing! He took a very normal park scene and made it, our students, and teachers look so inviting and exciting. At any point if I had a question or comment for Vincent he was never more than a call/email away and was always very prompt and professional about answering. Vincent always takes a plethora of photos and is very aware of the style of photo we'd like to present per a previous conversation.

Not only did I have Vincent take our studio photos but he also captured my and my fiancee's engagement with a shoot in the National Arboretum. Simply amazing. He helped me coordinate how I would pop the question and captured the moment while allowing us to have our own space. This photographer's professionalism, class, and knack for capturing moments perfectly makes him an obvious choice for someone who needs a job well done. 

- Brandon Copeland,
  Khepera Wellness Yoga Studio

Advances in digital photography have given many amateurs the ability to take a pretty decent photo. There is a difference between having the ability to take a good photo and being a photographer. Vincent, being the latter, has the eye of an artist. His knowledge of framing, scene staging, lighting and editing makes it impossible to not receive the best representation of yourself. His passion is evident and inspiring and his professionalism makes this a 5 star experience.

- Teneasha

Choosing Vincent Hunter as our photographer was one of the best decisions we have made as a couple. His professionalism, flexibility, and innate ability to capture life's precious moments surpassed our expectations. We are extremely happy with the finished product and will be using his services for our future photographic needs!

- Nikia and Len

Our experience working with Vince was like no other. The care and consideration he puts into each shot made us feel at ease because we knew he thought of everything! He has so much enthusiasm and truly pours himself into capturing images that not only look great, but tell a tailor-made story. He was a ball of fun, extremely professional, and remained excited through the duration of our shoot, despite less than favorable conditions. We look forward to the next photo adventure with Vince!

- Dana and Russ,
   Pot & Kettle Entertainment

Vincent Hunter is one of the BEST photographers in the Metropolitan area. We had so much fun on this shoot. He's very professional and creative! He has an awesome eye for bringing out your best inner and outer qualities. I was comfortable with him. Vincent is very considerate and respectful. He implemented my ideas along with his own. I felt included in the overall theme. Not by just being in the photos, but being apart of the process. We laughed, talked and sang! It was exciting. I look forward to the next one.


Working with Vincent was a great experience. He was very flexible, being willing to come on location to work with me. He is also very collaborative in his approach and really let you be a part of the process of the pictures he's taking for you. He took some head-shots as well as pictures of one of my larger paintings that I will be able to use for prints. I would highly recommend working with him!

- Karla

Vincent Hunter is a photographic genius! After reviewing the work on his website you get a sense that he has an eye for angles and movement that most photographers struggle to capture. My portrait session with him was very inviting and allowed me to be my playful and creative self. In my honest opinion, I think that we worked very well together. He is not afraid to climb on chairs or lay on the floor to catch different angles and that opened the door for me to explore fearless poses and looks. I am more than grateful to have worked with Vincent Hunter and look forward to doing so again. I wish him and his business much success as this is just the beginning!

-2Deep the Poetess

As a make up artist, I had the opportunity to work with Vincent during a photoshoot, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed and inspired by his artistic vision, creative talent, and work ethic. Vince has a gift that allows him to capture shots, angles, blocking, and themes that most couldn't fathom or imagine. The love of his craft is evident and reveals itself in every aspect of his photography.

- Kenya

Working with Vince on my senior photo shoot was beyond amazing! Not only did he have ideas of his own on how to best showcase my personality and beauty, he was also very open to my suggestions, offering his keen eye to make my ideas even better than I could have imagined. The images he captured of me were unbelievably true to my form; they look just like the very best side of me! I can't wait to send out these photos on my graduation announcements, and work with Vince again in the future... HIGHLY recommended.

- Chrissy

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